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Data Collection Services

From tracking human interactions, to collecting facial images, to measuring human sentiments — our solution offers crucial machine learning datasets for companies looking to train their Machine Learning models at scale. As a leader in data collection services, we help our clients source sizable volumes of high-quality training data across multiple data types, including text, audio, speech, image & video data to manage complex AI projects with unique scenario setups, as well as complex annotations. Contalents will take you with many language Arabic Data , English , Asian, African, Etc.



  • Identify the data required
  • Identify the availability of data
  • Profiling the data
  • Sourcing the data
  • Integrating the data
  • Cleaning the data
  • Data preparation

Text Data Collection Services

Receipt Data Collection

We help you collect various types of invoices like internet invoices, shopping invoices, cab receipts, hotel bills, etc from all across the globe & in languages as required.

Ticket Dataset Collection

We help you source various types of tickets i.e. airline tickets, railway tickets, bus tickets, cruise tickets, etc. from across the globe based on your custom specifications.

EHR Data & Physician Dictation Transcripts.

We can offer you off-the-shelf EHR data & Physician Dictation Transcripts from various medical specialties i.e., Radiology, etc.

Document Dataset Collection

Our coverage extends across credit cards, property documents, driving licenses, visa datasets, and more

Handwritten Data Transcription

Transcribe a wide range of historical documents or even handwritten notes using handwritten data transcription.

OCR Training

Our services cover OCR (optical character recognition) as a standalone service, allowing you to intelligently recognize words, characters, insights from scanned photographs, and more, with reliable datasets to feed the machine with.

Image Data Collection Services

Facial Dataset Collection

Applications that need to be trained for gauging facial emotions and expressions are best served with our facial dataset collection. Apart from feeding a humongous volume of data. and age groups.

Document Dataset Collection

Contalents offers the best possible image collection, involving usable training data relevant to invoices, receipts, menus, maps, identity cards, and more, for helping the system identify entities proactively

Healthcare Data Collection

We provide medical images i.e., CT Scan, MRI, Ultra Sound, Xray from various medical specialties such as Radiology, Oncology, Pathology, etc.

Food Dataset Collection

If you ever plan on developing a smart app that can capture and identify food images, under different lighting conditions, our food dataset collection can be quite handy.

Automotive Data Collection

Training the databases of self-driving cars with roadside elements, angle-specific insights, objects, sematic data, and more is possible with automotive datasets.

Hand Gesture Data Collection

If you have ever hand-swiped your mobile to sleep, you would be able to relate. Smart & IoT devices with sensors can benefit from our hand gesture data collection services.

Video Data Collection Services

Human Posture Video Dataset Collection

Explore the nitty-gritties of organic human movements from a wide range of scenarios like standing, walking, sitting, running, and more, in disparate lighting conditions.

Drones & Aerial Video Dataset Collection

Train aerial entities and drones to take better combative and recreational calls with video data captured in traffic, parties, stadium gathering, and other scenarios.

Traffic Video Dataset Collection

Enlighten self-driving vehicles by feeding in segmented and spatial traffic video datasets, to identify real-time traffic movements and learn progressively by observing.

CCTV/Surveillance Video Dataset

We collect sensitive video datasets from law enforcement records, crime scenes, and person and posture recognition datasets in diverse lighting conditions to train intelligent surveillance setups to identify intruders, set alarms, and even mark attendance.

Transcript-Ready Datasets

Train applications to create video transcripts automatically by feeding in large volumes of relevant video, text, image, and audio datasets

Demographic-Specific Dataset Collection

Now cut the AI bias from relevant programs by adding to the existing video data repository. Contalents allows you to train models in an all-inclusive manner by setting aside videos segmented as per demographics, ethnicity, color, gestures, and other parameters.

Speech/Audio Data Collection Services

Monologue Speech Collection

Handle speech-based requirements pertaining to a standalone speaker for your Text-to-Speed prototypes and transcriptions-specific requirements with scripted prompt feeding, via single-channel files.

Dialogue Speech Collection

Set up intelligent Virtual Assistants, speed-specific chatbots, and Automatic Speech Recognition models with multilingual exposure via dual-channel files and transcribed resources.

Acoustic Data Collection

We can professionally record studio-quality audio data be it restaurants, offices, or homes or from various environments and languages, through our global network of collaborators, whilst covering a wider acoustic range

Natural Language Utterance Collection

Train smart commercial setups to identify differently uttered customer phrases with similar meaning, for making the AIs more autonomous in time

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Improve accuracy of your automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems by having access to state-of-art diversified speech/audio datasets, from a wide array of demographics.

Text-to-Speech (TTS)

To offer a better user experience with TTS, developing a system to sound natural is critical. Build a text-to-speech (TTS) multilingual model

Benefits Of Our Data Collection

Data Collection Capabilities

Create, curate, and collect custom-built datasets (text, speech, image, video) from 100+ nations across the globe based on custom guidelines.

Data Security

We are one of the organizations that operate round the clock. If you want to ask anything or have a query to clear feel free to contact our amicable CSR executive who will be more than happy to help you out.

Data Assurance

We have benchmarked standards of quality control and our quality assurance team strictly adheres to the protocols before clearing a project for final submission.

Productive Services

When you hire us & invest your scarce monetary resources, you can be sure of having nothing less than the best service from our side. We are not done until you are satisfied with the quality of the final product.

Data Quality

All of our processes are in alignment with its standards. The team of quality assurance that we have in our disposition will work closely to make sure 100 per cent data accuracy.


Contalents have the flexibility to deliver a customized solution that can be adapted and scaled with your requirements even if they change during the course of the project.

Want to build your own Dataset ? Connect with our in-house data collection expert to set up a repository that best fits your requirement