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Expert Data Annotation / Data Labeling Services For Machines By Humans

A Custom End-To-End Data Annotation Solutions to train AI / ML algorithms

AI feeds on copious amounts of data and leverages machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL) and natural language processing (NLP) to continually learn and evolve. Contalents data annotation tool makes data with specific objects recognizable for AI engines. Tagging objects within textual, image, scans, etc. enables machine learning algorithms to interpret the labelled data and get trained to solve real business cases.

  • Expert Workforce
  • Gain most out of AI
  • Scalability
  • Focus on growth and innovation
  • Multi-Source/ Cross-Industry
  • capabilities
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Enhanced Data Security

Text Annotation

We provide cognitive text data annotation services through our patented text annotation tool that is designed to allow organizations to unlock critical information in unstructured text. Data annotation with respect to text helps machines to understand the human language. With rich experience in natural language and linguistics, we are well equipped to handle text annotation projects of any scale. Our qualified team can work on different text annotation services like named entity recognition, intent analysis, sentiment analysis, etc.

Image Annotation

Image annotation is the process of associating section of an image or the entire image, with an identifier label. With our image annotation tools and proprietary platform, we can annotate images through various techniques i.e. bounding box, 3D cuboids, semantic annotation, pixel-wise segmentation, polygons, image classification, and more to create training datasets for machine learning models to enhance your AI engines.

Audio Annotation

Audio annotation services have been a forte of Contalents since the beginning. Develop, train & improve conversational AI, chatbots and speech recognition engines with our state-of-the-art audio annotation services. Our network of qualified linguists across the globe with an experienced project management team can collect hours of multilingual audio and annotate large volumes of data to train voice-enabled applications. We also transcribe audio files to extract meaningful insights available in audio formats.

Video Annotation

Capture each object in the video, frame-by-frame, and annotate it to make the moving objects recognizable by machines with our advance video annotation tool. We have the technology and the experience to offer video annotation services that help you with comprehensively labeled datasets for all your video annotation needs. We help you build your computer vision models accurately and with the desired level of accuracy.


Why Data Annotation Outsourcing Is Recommended For Your AI Projects

Dedicate Team

It is estimated that data scientists spend over 80% of their time in data cleaning and data preparation.

Better Quality

Dedicated domain experts, who annotate day-in and day-out will – any day – do a superior job when compared to a team, that needs to accommodate annotation tasks in their busy schedules.


Even an average Machine Learning (ML) model would require labeling large chunks of data, which requires companies to pull in resources from other teams.

Eliminate Internal Bias

The reason why AI models fail, is because teams working on data collection and annotation unintentionally introduce bias, skewing the end result and affecting accuracy. 

Enhanced Data Security

Enhanced data security ensures data formats are policy controlled and preserved.

Competitive Pricing

As one of the leading data labelling companies, we ensure projects are delivered within your budget with the help of our robust data annotation platform.

Need help with data annotation services/data labelling services, one of our experts would be happy to help.