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Contalents Content Moderation Solution

Image Moderation

Expert Moderators Evaluate User-submitted Images On Online Communities And Forums For Sensitive Content, Quality, And Guideline Violations. Platforms Are Then Able To Accurately Identify Violence, Offensive Comments, Drug And Weapon Use, And To Add Metadata To Large Datasets.

Social Media

Keep watch against internet trolls, scammers, and spam by outsourcing content moderation designed to. Uphold your community’s guidelines and maintain wholesome discussions among community members.

Video Moderation

Video Content Moderation Helps Rate, Evaluate And Flag Offensive Video Content And Trolls That Can Harm Brand Image And Removes That Content From The Videos. Contalents Expert Moderators Can Moderate Frame-by-frame And Still Images Using Real-time Reporting.

Chat Moderation

Uphold the privacy and security of your users and followers. Ban users sending explicit and harassing private messages. Regulate all text-based user content regularly.

Text Moderation

Text Moderation Is Performed On Documents, Discussion Boards, Chatbot Conversations, E-commerce Catalogs, And Chat Room Transcripts. Text Moderators Can Search For Duplicate Content, Offensive Content That Do Not Comply With Community Standards.

Website Moderation

Get Rid of Misleading Content & Potential Threats to Your Brand’s Credibility.

How Contalents Can Help With Content Moderation?

Having been a content moderator for over a decade, we can bring harmony to your textual, image, and video content on your websites & online platforms. Using content moderation, we ensure that user-generated content, including comments, videos, and images, adheres to your company’s brand guidelines and policies. You can rely on Contalents for content moderation, as its human-in-the-loop workforce provides holistic moderation for texts, images, and videos at competitive pricing.







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Why Content Moderation with Us?

Brand Protection

While moderating the bad content, we help you to protect your brand by 24X7 monitoring and reviewing the harmful content from online threats, scammers, and hackers.

Best Price/Quality Ratio

Even though other outsourcing locations may offer cheaper prices, you get a better price to quality ratio with us.

Highly Professional Staff

Our knowledgeable and highly-trained professionals can deliver what you ask for, or you don’t pay.

Legally Confidentiality

Your data is safe and protected by our rigorous information security practices.

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