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Your online store’s web content needs to be engaging and convincing, but also optimized for search engines. Our writers will ensure that all your content (general web pages, product descriptions and supporting content marketing pieces) is written to rank well for relevant keywords.

The industry sectors we served include

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    Product Descriptions

    Unique content is crucial for writing product descriptions. If you copy the supplier’s description directly onto your site, you’ll risk being penalized for duplicate content by Google.

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    SEO Ecommerce Content

    Your online store’s web content needs to be engaging and convincing but also optimized for search engines. Our writers will ensure that all your content.

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    Ecommerce Website Content

    Whether you need content for your product descriptions, online store’s general web pages or company blog, we ensure high quality and on-time delivery through four key steps.

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    Customer Reviews Writing

    Posting customer reviews lends credibility to your site and should be part of any e-commerce content marketing plan.

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    eCommerce newsletter Writers

    New ways to engage, educate and ultimately convert your customers through interactive ecommerce newsletter campaigns.

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    Ecommerce Market Update

    Staying on top of eCommerce trends is vital to keeping your business competitive.

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    Ecommerce Blog Posts

    Blogging is a great way to generate traffic and sales for your store, but writing isn’t always easy.

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    ECommerce FAQs

    Your eCommerce FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page or section is one of the most important elements of your online store.

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    eCommerce Ads Copy

    our experts Ecommerce copywriting for fashion, apparel and home brands. Save time. Boost sales. Create brand loyalty. Book your free phone consultation now.

Built for Your Business

Our flexible process offers powerful tools and expert writers that enhance any business’ content process.

  • Agencies

    Find writers with knowledge in the specific industries you need to produce compelling content for your varied client base.

  • eCommerce Companies

    Combine powerful tools for creating and managing product copy with skilled eCommerce writers to drive traffic and sales.

  • Publishers

    Build teams of knowledgeable writers and specify unique content formats for each of your properties – and then publish instantly to your sites.

  • Brands

    Partner with us to get publish-ready, on-brand content at any scale using our fully managed Enterprise services.

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How It Works

Enough Theory! How Does All Of This Work?

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    Choose word length, number of pieces per month, and optional Professional Services.If you’re an agency, add individual subscriptions for each client.

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    Select the content type.Enter a title, description, CTAs, keywords and details.Set priority or assign a deadline.Take a walk while your content is buffering.

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    Most clients get their first piece of content to review within 48-72 hours.Review your drafts and accept a decline, or request edits as needed.Publish fast with simple WordPress and Hubspot Publisher.


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our experts Ecommerce copywriting for fashion, apparel and home brands. Save time. Boost sales. Create brand loyalty. Book your free phone consultation now.


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