Contalents annotation service for all types and formats of images making it easier for computer vision


Contalents Arabic annotation service for all types and formats of images making it easier for computer vision to detect the varied objects just like humans.

Image annotation services annotate all types and size of images with precise capturing tools making the images recognizable for machines or computer vision. We are using the best tools and techniques to annotate the images from different fields providing the training data solution for machine learning in various subfields.

Service Offerings

As one of the leading data annotation arabic companies

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    2D bounding boxes and 3D cuboids

    Damco assists its clients to enhance their model’s visual search abilities by detecting different objects from most complex images. Their bounding box model’s workflow caters to the client’s area of interest and has delivered projects across verticals including eCommerce, healthcare, autonomous vehicles, traffic control, etc.

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    Semantic segmentation

    Through semantic segmentation, we conduct a ‘deeper learning’ in various projects. We improvise the quality of the client’s training data sets by detecting, segregating, and localizing the objects. We employ customized semantic labelling such as colour-coded or pixel-level annotation to help clients solve their problems.

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    Lines and Splines

    Our annotators are experts on creative grounds as they know how to accurately define and label lines and boundaries of several types present in an image. We have succeeded in empowering various vehicle perception models with accurate lane navigation findings by annotating different paths and sidewalks.

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    We have successfully delivered polygon annotation projects in cases including detecting water features, making a detailed recognition of facial features, identifying asymmetrical objects such as trees, buildings, street signs, etc. or while capturing the shapes and sizes of a distant object in an image.

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    Image Classification

    Identifying an entire image with just one label is known as image classification. The image classification workflow practised at SunTec.AI ensures accuracy by eliminating human error and annotator bias.

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    Lines and Splines

    Annotation and Labelling of straight or curved lines on images come under the lines & splines annotation services.

Benefits to Annotation Services

As one of the leading data annotation companies Contents Offers unparalleled machine learning data annotation and reliable metadata labelling solutions at cost-effective rates.

  • High-Quality Precise Data

    Our professionals are experts in delivering the best-in-class quality data annotation services with the highest accuracy level by auditing and reviewing data in multiple stages

  • Assured Data Security

    As a seasoned data annotation service provider, we maintain high standards of data security with privacy while providing data support for AI/ML models to assure confidentiality

  • Scalable Solutions

    Having a team of accredited annotators, we cater to the client’s demands by providing completely scalable solutions with a quick turnaround time.

  • Global Presence

    Headquartered in Cairo, Egypt supported by multiple offshore offices across the Gulf and China with over 1600 strong team.

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Domain expertise, process skills, and technology to deliver topnotch business process outsourcing

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    Data Processing

    In a tough economy putting pressures on margins coupled with empowered end-users demanding best-in-class offerings

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    Data Annotation

    Outsource text annotation services to Contalents and enjoy the benefits of constant data streams required to fuel your AI/ML-based smart business models.

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    Data Collection

    Contalents caters to researchers all over the world with general, marketing, educational, or technical based web research services.