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    Event Press Release

    Businesses write event press releases to inform the media of an event the business plans to attend, host, or sponsor.

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    Book Press Release

    A book press release announces the launch of a new book and offers enticing details to explain why the media should cover it.

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    Product Press Release

    product press release should be used to announce a product launch that constitutes something that has entered your industry.

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    New Business Press Release

    A new-business or business launch press release should announce the opening of a new venture. It should delineate why this opening is newsworthy.

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    New Hire Press Release

    A new hire press release announces your company has hired a new person. It builds credibility in your brand by positioning it as a sought-after employer and building trust in your employees’ expertise.

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    Rebranding Press Release

    A rebranding press release announces a company’s change to its corporate image. Many people find change unsettling and instead love what is familiar, consistent, and known.

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