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Why use DMCA takedown services?

As the name suggests our team at Contalents DMCA team is industry best at getting stolen content taken down. From our researchers to case managers and client service teams, Contalents DMCA team boasts one of the most experienced internet teams around. Our professional team of qualified internet experts know how to get your stolen content taken down fast because they have done it thousands of times before. Experience teaches what works and what doesn’t. No matter what site or what country the thieving website is hosted in the Contalents DMCA team prides itself on takedown success. We are motivated to get your content taken off a thieving site. It’s why the 100% money-back guarantee. We only get paid if we succeed.

Years experience


Years experience
DMCA Certified experts


DMCA Certified experts
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End user satisfaction
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Global reach
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Service desk

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DMCA Takedown Service

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    DMCA Notice

    Our DMCA Takedown request is send through emails. We have set up a DMCA Takedown Notice in cooperation with lawyers. All necessary information is provided, and the correct laws and rules have been applied.

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    Client Information

    Basic information from our client’s side is needed to form a solid takedown notice. Our DMCA registered agent will ask you to send in this information when an account has been set up.

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    Content Removal

    Hurray! All required information has been gathered, and the DMCA notice has now been created. The recipient will now be send a takedown notice. Infringing content should now be deleted within 24-48 hours.


How we are different?

  • 24/7 anti-piracy monitoring

    We constantly monitor the internet with our advanced AI algorithms to ensure we always find all versions and the latest copyright infringements of our clients in order to take immediate action.

  • Guaranteed results

    Our DMCA takedown service removes your content from warez forums, piracy websites, file hosts and torrents. As well as any mentions on social media of the pirated content infringing your copyrights.

  • We go beyond the competition

    What truly sets us apart from the DMCA takedown notice competition is that we monitor the traffic of torrents and report infringes to their ISP and collect lost revenue from your sales.

  • Duplicate search

    Locate unauthorized duplicates of your content using our content scanning tools

  • Save Money & Time

    Taking down stolen content is costly and time consuming. Our inexpensive and quick tools get you on the way right now.

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Proud to say Paxful uses contalents for phishing defense! PhishFort have impressed us, they REALLY know the problem they are solving and provide our team with updates super fast. Phishing is one of fintech's biggest challenges and customers in emerging markets are especially vulnerable to phishing.
Ray Youssef , CEO Paxful
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