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Content Moderation Services


What is content management services?

Web is still the crown of digital world and with the proliferation of mobile web, it regained its lost space from the native apps. In the same way content is still the quintessential element of a great web experience, right?
So, web content management as a specialty will continue to remain important.


What are the key expertise areas?

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    Develop a strategy

    With your target market in mind, we craft a roadmap for providing your readers with information they want — so we can get more eyes on your blog.

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    Content provided

    We reach out to our team of 27+ writers to find the right contributors for your blog, including writers who specialize in your niche.

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    Edit & optimize

    Our strength is in editing posts to maximize value for the reader. That includes a focus on SEO best practices to help your blog rank high in search.

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    Publish & promote

    We manage the editorial calendar, maintaining a healthy mix of content. Often that includes newsy posts we strategically push live on certain dates

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    Track what works

    Monthly analytic reports allow us to track what’s working and replicate that success. We love using data to help our clients reach their goals.

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    Content analysis

    Track web metrics like visits, journey patterns, downloads, conversions, keywords and more.


What's Included in our service?

  • Keyword Research

    We research topically relevent search phrases with monthly search volume, and create a calendar of keyword opportunities to create hyper sharable content around.

  • Rich Formatting

    A word document turns into a beautifully designed blog article with flawless user experience. Using custom content builder tools we can rapidly deploy visually stunning masterpieces0.

  • Featured Images

    Each blog post comes with a custom image that improves social sharing visuals. These simple graphics provide a visual identity to your brand and content-specific personalizations.

  • On-Page Optimization

    We have strong search marketing roots, so you can be sure that each blog post is optimized according to the highest SEO standards set forth by Google.

  • CMS Expertise

    day-to-day process of publishing your blog content through your content management system (CMS) or specialized blogging platform.

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