5 Reasons Your Website Needs Content Writing Services

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Still wondering whether your website needs content writing services or not?

In the early 2000’s people used to wonder whether their business needed a website or not. Web design agencies had to convince people, had to educate them. Most of the businesses had no clue what having a website could do to their business.

Content writing and content marketing are going through the same phase. There is a massive need for quality content but people don’t realize it. They don’t realize the fact that without content their website cannot do business. They don’t realize that businesses who acknowledge and accept the undeniable importance of closely working with a content writing service are doing much better in terms of getting higher search engine rankings and a better conversion rate on their websites and blogs.


The connection between your sales and content writing

An online business does brisk business due to the following reasons:

  1. It has a strong brand presence
  2. People already have respect for the business
  3. There is a fad value attached to using the products and services of the business
  4. The business has a huge marketing and advertising budget
  5. The business has been able to create a noticeable presence with its valuable content
  6. The business who has compelling content on its own website

The first four points are applicable to big businesses. Big businesses have a strong brand presence, their brand is already known and respected, there is a fad value attached to their products (Apple, for example), and they can afford to spend huge amounts of money on marketing and advertising.

Although these businesses have the capacity to spend billions of dollars on marketing and advertising, they have begun to realize that advertising doesn’t pay.

This is why Coca-Cola no longer depends on advertising, but on content marketing. Most of the Coca-Cola websites (they have different websites for different regions) have turned into online publications. Now their website is called “Journey”. Although they promote their products, their primary stress is the stories about the positive impact they’re making in the world.

Coca-Cola content marketing

Similarly, American Express as “Open Forum” where it provides top-notch business advice to its present and prospective customers.

American Express content marketing

IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft, Google, they all started relying less on advertising and marketing and more on high-quality content.

The last two points – creating a noticeable presence through valuable content writing and publishing compelling content on the website – is what democratizes the process of promoting online business.

The last two points are applicable to small as well as medium-sized businesses.

Content writing, although requires some degree of expense, isn’t as expensive as conventional advertising and marketing. Every business can create an online presence with targeted, valuable content writing.

The main hurdle faced by most genuine content writing services like Credible Content is that businesses feel it doesn’t make sense to pay a writing service because writing can be done by anybody.

This isn’t so. Although occasional writing can be done by anybody, if you really want to create a successful presence on the Internet, you need consistent content writing that is of great value. Consistency and value are the keywords.

A person or a business who doesn’t write content as a full-time job often finds it very difficult to create valuable content on an ongoing basis.

Listed below are 5 reasons your website needs content writing services:

  1. Content is the next form of online presence: As I have written above, there was a time when people used to wonder whether they should have a website for their business or not. The same state has come for content. Your business needs quality content writing to survive. If you haven’t realized that, your competitors have. Some of your competitors are already months, if not years, ahead of you.
  2. You need to publish high-quality content regularly: Content writing is soon becoming a regular business expense. Just as you need to promote your business constantly, conventional promotion is being replaced by quality content publishing. People don’t want your marketing messages. They want you to become a part of their lives by providing solutions to their problems. Search engines like Google want fresh content regularly. If you don’t publish fresh content, they stop crawling and indexing your website because they don’t expect anything new from it. Only an established content writing service can provide you a non-stop supply of high-quality content.
  3. You need to become an authority in your field: This is more so important in the B2B category. If you are in a business where personal brand value matters, you need to share your knowledge and wisdom with people so that they begin to recognize you for your authority. For this you need to publish expert articles and blog posts on a regular basis and then share your content and social networking websites to create an authoritative presence for yourself. People do business with you when they respect you for your authority.
  4. SEO doesn’t happen without irregular content: I always tell my clients that there are two reasons why SEO cannot exist without closely working with a professional content writing service – quality content encourages people to share your links and Google evaluates how many people share your links; and, Google constantly seeks fresh content because it doesn’t want to serve outdated content to its users. This is why, no matter how valuable your existing content is, if new content is available, Google prefers to showcase that in the search results instead of outdated content. Content writing services can ensure a steady supply of high-quality, relevant content to improve your SEO.
  5. Your content is your business asset: Just like you need professional help to build any other business asset, the same holds true for your content. Although there are many individuals and businesses who develop their own content, and there is nothing wrong in that, I’m primarily talking about businesses that don’t have the resources and the needed talent to publish high-quality content on an ongoing basis. Sure, you can start on your own and initially, since you will feel motivated and inspired, you may be able to carry out content publishing for a couple of weeks or even for a couple of months, eventually, you will need to seek out the help of a professional content writing service that can provide you content every week, every month, year after year.

You must have noticed that on this page I haven’t tried to mince words. It’s the reality of our times that your business needs content. If you don’t use content to promote your business, your competition already does. It’s your choice.

It’s also your choice whether you acknowledge that your website needs content writing services or not. What I can do is, make you aware, make it known to you that yes, your website needs content. Conventional advertising doesn’t work or is gradually ceasing to work. Content is the present, and the future.